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Frequent Questions


What does it mean when you're PV Green Card Accredited?

We are certified PV Green Card solar installers and that not only means you’ll be able to apply for a loan to finance the installation costs but also means we comply with all national standards of safety regulation and training.


What factors do I need to look at when choosing a refrigerator/aircon/cooling device?

There are a few factors to consider when looking to install a refrigerator/aircon/cooling device one being the size of the room, sizes of window/s, what activities are taking place in the room etc, but to have a detailed analysis of the size of cooling device needed to get your room to a specified temperature please call us.


Are you fully accredited Certificate of Compliance issuers?

Yes, we are and did you know that when having an insurance claim against an electrical device it is a lot easier to claim when having a valid COC.


When do I know an electrical installation is safe?

Do you have a valid COC not older than 2 years? If not it’s advisable to have a safety inspection to verify the safety & update the COC.